Oct 04

Playing music

I always had a passion for music ever since I was a kid and now I am trying to learn to play but how?

So I want to learn how to music but there is one issue I have and that is I dont really know how to play and it is tough to learn but there is a solution to my problem and that is taking lessons from people who do know how to play. What I want to learn is the guitar as it is the best instrument to pick up chicks just kidding singing is but I am not blessed with great vocals so I have to settle with the guitar. I like the guitar because it is the most flexible instrument to play and I feel like it fits into any kind of music whether it is rock, jazz, funk you name it.

Although I am not trying to go pro I still want to learn as a hobby and for fun. It would be nice to know how to play welcome to the jungle or maybe read some John Mayer Tabs so I can really have an advantage to pick up the ladies.  All in all it is great to learn but and this is a big but where can I learn well I started looking in google and what do you know I found some online courses to learn from.

All I need to do is buy a guitar and the course and I can learn from the comfort of my own home. I do also want to learn how to make beats because I want to mix my guitar play with making beats like famous bands too and I want to be versatile. With my luck I also found so online courses to learn how to make beats in the comfort of my own home which is always great. Once I do learn how to make great music I will pick up chicks in no time.

If you want to know where to learn http://happymusicmaker.com/jamorama-review/, http://happymusicmaker.com/beat-generals-reviews/, http://happymusicmaker.com/superior-singing-method-review/

Oct 04

Working out effectively now

I always worked out by not in the right and now that I do I do see the results now

I have been working out for years but I did not see the result that much and I was getting upset because I want to bench press double the amount o my weight or get ripped so I can show off in the beach but nothing would work and I would get annoyed. For years this was going on and seeing my friends getting ripped while I still have that little chunk on my stomach annoyed me to no end.

So What can I do, I work so hard yet I did not see the results. I took the right supplements and fat burners but nothing but then I realized that it doesnt matter how hard I workout because I was not working out smart. No matter how hard you train if you are doing it the wrong way then you wont see the right result or maybe never see results or even worse get injured. So I started looking for advice and workout program so I can get into the shape I want to. I started to look at bodybuilders like Ben Pakulski  cep training  Mi40x hoping to get some tips and help. The product does provide get help and shows you a new world of working out. Another product I saw was Kyle Leon Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer which also teaches you how to work out. I do trust these guys because they do this for a living in order to compete and make that money so I would go with what they are offering. The reviews of Ben Pakulski mi40 were nothing but great and if you want to know how to get big and lean these are the product for you

If any ladies are reading of course this would not benefit you but you can get the venus factor which is made for women to lose weight and keep their weight off. After going through these products it does help to get into shape but it does not mean you still dont workout hard.

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Oct 04

Discovering RPGs

Been playing Rpgs for a long time and im here to give you my take on it

I have been playing rpgs for a long time ever since I got my hands on a playstation and played Final Fantasy 7. During my days with the playstation I played mainly jrpgs like Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9 plus Xenogears and Chrono Cross are some of the few games I played. Although during that time jrpgs were the dominate genre I still played some western rpgs mainly the diablo series. The main reason I played jrpgs because most of the western rpgs were on the pc and Im not a pc gamer.

The only game I played on PC was the Diablo series and I played it because it is a must have game and if you are a rpg fan then you need to play it. Fast forward ten years later and the roles are reversed now Western rpgs are dominate and jrpgs are a forgotten memories. Although technically Dark Souls is made by a japanese company it plays like a western rpg and in my opinion it is the best rpg out there yes even better than Skyrim there I said it. What makes Dark Souls so great is the builds and the pvp gameplay so you can put your build to the test. To me what makes the Dark Souls series so much fun is the challenge provides and also how it does not hold your hand which is a breath of fresh air compared to all the easy games out there. Of course there is ways to cheat the system through farming items and making you weapons a bit op but that is a given in most rpgs anyway. If you are looking for a great jrpg that is not a jrpg then look no further than Dark Souls which is my opinion the best rpg out there.

For more info about Dark Souls check out: http://macmoodgaming.com/dark-souls-weapons-guide/http://macmoodgaming.com/dark-souls-2-farming/http://macmoodgaming.com/dark-souls-2-builds/